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Client Testimonials

"Jennifer has been amazing! I couldn't sing higher praises. I'm a bit artsy and wanted colorful walls in our new house by the ocean. A tasteful beach house if you may. From experience I can say that most people will try to tone down whatever I opt for. Not Jennifer, she really listened to what it was that I as a person truly wanted to express and take in every day with these colors. She was also there for us throughout the process of the actual painting and was helping with fine tuning and changes as it all came together. We're beyond excited about our new space, it's the stuff of dreams!"


Santa Cruz, CA

"I want to give a huge shout out to my now good friend Jennifer, who found us a beautiful condo to buy at the Villages in San Jose. She is always so cheerful and upbeat and tirelessly cares for her clients like they are family. She is so easy to talk to and is very honest in all she does. She is one of the most caring and generous people I know. Love u Jen!!!"

Debbie BUYER

San Jose, CA

"Jennifer Foltz is more than just a real estate agent helping you through a transaction. She is there for you as an ally not only during the sale but after the sale to give you advice in any form. She helps with the move. She is there on moving day right beside you making sure that everything is working properly. She is definitively a person you would like to have on side for all your needs buying a home.

Jennifer is also superb in making a home beautiful. She helped with the interior design of our new home. She helped us find beautiful furniture for the home. She has never been short of good ideas where anything would look the best in the home. If you have pets, she is a pet lover and your pets will love her.

We are proud to work with her and recommend her wholeheartedly. Simply put, she is amazing!"

Bernadette and Jim


Campbell, CA

"Jennifer is wonderful. She helped me purchase, design, and decorate my new condo. She has a wonderful feeling for my taste and what I like. She took my existing artwork and arranged it beautifully and in ways I never thought of before. She also helped me choose some new pieces which accentuated and completed what I already have. Jennifer is so creative. She is also kind and patient in helping me make selections during the purchasing process and interior design. She also helped me to arrange the furniture. She made the condo a true home for me.

Thank you Jennifer!"


Campbell, CA


“Thanks Jennifer for being who you are. You are so sweet! You definitely helped me through a rough process. Signing and finalizing this sale is one of the top 6 toughest things I’ve ever had to do...”


San Jose, CA

“Jennifer has been so sweet and dedicated throughout this process. She was always responsive and handled all of the details with grace. I was always able to count on Jennifer when I had any questions regarding the real estate process, and she was there for more for moral support as well. Jennifer even repotted a rose bush from the backyard for me to take to my new home!”


San Jose, CA

“Thank you so much Jennifer! You do a fantastic job! Jennifer knows how great I think she is, as I have given her so many compliments along the way! Jennifer was there for me everyday. She talked me off of the ledge so many, so many times, and made me feel much less stressed about the process. I always knew when I would reach out she would get right back to me. Jennifer always validated every concern I had in a kind and professional way. She always added in the Real Estate perspective and gave me an education along the way as well.”


San Jose, CA

I love working with Jennifer and JF Homes. Jennifer has a keen eye for design and insight into her clients needs. She builds mood boards that let me see various options which makes the selection process really easy and she has a super flexible personality which makes working with her a true joy.


San Jose, CA 

"I've been working with Jennifer Foltz for over the course of about 6 months. The project: to reclaim "me" in my home while I was going through the difficult transition and emotions of a separation and divorce. Jennifer's got a very intuitive sense of style. In about an hour long get to know each other session, she got me--- at a point in my life where I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. Throughout the project, she's consistently honored my concerns about budget, and she's chosen items that are not only beautiful but sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear from my 2 energetic puppies. Jennifer's got an eclectic background in the healing arts, construction, fine art, real estate, and so much more that in combination make her an amazing, caring professional with a great eye and focus on client satisfaction. I plan to keep her on my referral list for years to come and couldn't endorse her more strongly."


San Jose, CA 

"Jennifer was awesome. We had some challenges and she was always there to help. I’d be happy to have her on our side again anytime!"


Los Gatos, CA